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Feb 12, 2021

Transforming IHDE’s health information infrastructure into a stakeholder-oriented ecosystem

In the recent past, it would likely have been insurmountable to reconcile millions of inbound healthcare messages in hopes of creating a comprehensive, statewide database of accurate patient records. However, that is exactly what the Idaho Health Data Exchange (IHDE) did with the help of our company.

Teaming to develop reliable, complete health records

Seeking to identify the needs of statewide payers, providers and other stakeholder organizations, IHDE and 4medica teamed up to develop reliable and complete longitudinal health records that aggregated multiple data types from electronic health records, public health reporting connectivity, behavioral health and social determinants of health information, and potentially claims. Cleaner, richer data for more accurate patient matching is fundamental to IHDE’s mission to support value-based care (VBC) and population health models.

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In 2019, leveraging 4medica’s real-time, transaction cloud-based solutions – 4medica Big Data MPI™ and 4medica 1% as-a-Service™ – IHDE realized a major first major step in its transition to a stakeholder-oriented ecosystem supporting VBC and population health initiatives, successfully matching more than 5.1 million messages while reducing duplication rates by 94 percent.

Going from 18 to 1 percent on identity resolution, this effort ultimately yielded more than 2.8 million searchable patient records. Equally remarkable, the technology was deployed in 90 days from start to go live.

Said Craig Jones, M.D., IHDE Chief Medical Officer, “We went with 4medica because they were able to take care of identity resolution on large volumes and reverse our high duplication rates. If you can’t reliably link the information on people coming from different sources, you can’t even start the game.”

Assessing, normalizing and cleansing data

4medica’s hybrid approach affordably, precisely and quickly assesses, normalizes and cleanses mismatched patient identity data to guarantee a 99 percent clean database that is considered foundational for patient safety, data integrity and interoperability. Patient ID matching assessment, cleansing and aggregating of the combined unstructured and structured data was key to achieving the desired outcome for IHDE.

Thanks to these innovations, IHDE went from primarily coordinating community shared services through an online portal, to launching an advanced data infrastructure with data management and integration services to increase stakeholder engagement.

Today, the organization’s robust Enterprise Master Patient Index (eMPI) is delivering reliable, aggregate data, which is creating “growing interest and energetic engagement” from payers, hospitals and other sources desiring access to IHDE’s shared data services and patient records, Jones said.

Added Prudence Vincent, BSN, R.N., director of IHDE Customer Operations and Engagement, “Providers now have access to health records regardless of where the patient receives care. It brings a full spectrum picture to patient care and enables us to look at whole-person care…in a way that makes sense to Idaho’s healthcare ecosystem.”

Ready to learn more about how 4medica helped IHDE access, normalize and cleanse mismatched data to guarantee a 99 percent clean database AND build greater stakeholder and participant collaboration? Download our case study, “Accurate Patient-Matching Improves Access, Whole-Person Care.”

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