About 4medica

Committed to improving data quality in healthcare for nearly 25 years

Founded in 1998, 4medica is a leading provider of real-time healthcare data management and healthcare interoperability software and services, providing clinicians with a unified view of patient information across disparate care locations.
4medica was the first to introduce electronic connectivity between providers and labs and today continues to help hundreds of laboratories and more than 40,000 providers regain countless hours of productivity.
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Bringing health data back to life

Delivered in a multi-tier, cloud-based subscription model, 4medica’s Data Quality Platform utilizes organizations’ existing technologies to supply the exact level of health connectivity needed to address meaningful use requirements, from basic health information exchange to integration with existing electronic health records (EHRs), practice management systems, and other healthcare applications.
Utilizing the most technologically advanced MPI process, 4medica has revolutionized how organizations can analyze and implement health data. A unique 4-layer approach simplifies implementation and guarantees dramatic success of <1% patient duplication.
Solutions can quickly be deployed without special hardware or client-server software, and is used successfully by

Why partner with 4medica?

Many healthcare organizations struggle to solve double-digit duplication rates with their legacy eMPI software and data management procedures. Because data-sharing and real-time interoperability requirements have become so complex, using a standalone referential matching service does not solve the data interoperability, patient safety, and financial problems caused by mismatched identities.
Only 4medica provides an end-to-end Health Data Quality Platform that goes beyond patient matching services, offering solutions that distribute data analytics across multiple user interfaces, for actionable data that users can access when and where they need it most.
With over 100 institutional customers, including 40,000 physicians, 4medica continues to deliver on its vision of a patient-centric healthcare information exchange.

Is bad data quality impacting your organization? Learn how 4medica can help you.