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This year at HIMSS23, 4medica's President, Gregg Church, had the privilege of speaking with Michael Krieger in a HIMMS TV interview. During the interview Church shares his expertise on a critical issue plaguing healthcare organizations worldwide—the staggering 20% record duplication…
3 MIN READIndustry Publications
Jane Doe has an extensive medical record, full of appointments, diagnoses, treatments, prescriptions and lab results. Her healthcare providers use the record to track her health and determine the care she needs. Jayne Doe also has a medical record that is…
Dr. Oleg Bess
Co-founder and CEO
5 MIN READIndustry Publications
They cause problems with billings and collections, hurt relationships with payers, and force hospital staff to spend countless hours correcting errors. Much of the discussion on problems with duplicate records centers on the medical risk they pose for patients, but…
Gregg Church
2 MIN READIndustry Publications
Gregg Church, the president of 4medica, talks about the company’s work with healthcare organizations to exchange data and improve patient care. He discusses the move towards interoperability, and how consumers are driving change in healthcare, because they want more access…
Gregg Church
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