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This year’s Executive War College (EWC) in New Orleans was the first time in two years that members of the lab industry were able to get together in person for this important annual    educational event. It was great to be…
Gregg Church
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Poor data, or data poverty, is a formidable barrier for Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) and Health Information Networks (HINs) adapting to patient care in the digital age. In addition to HINs and HIEs of all sizes looking to reduce clinical…
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Guest post by Tim Pletcher, President and CEO of Velatura and Executive Director of Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services. A scientific breakthrough announced in late March promises to accelerate our understanding of the role that genetics plays in diseases.…
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Diagnostic labs will become critical profit centers for health systems, affiliated hospitals and commercial labs. During the pandemic, labs have demonstrated their key importance to the entire healthcare enterprise, and will continue to do so in a very specific way,…
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