MPI Clean-up Service

Our EMPI identifies duplicate patient records, collects vital patient demographic data, and increases your data integrity in your healthcare organization.

Enhance your MPI software with 4medica MPI Clean-up – Guaranteed!

If you have bad data coming in, you’re going to have bad data going out. This means medical decisions are at serious risk if the wrong result is attached to the wrong patient. Patient safety issues arise when information is incorrect, and revenues are lost if the billing is inaccurate or orders management is inefficient.


Introducing 4medica’s MPI clean-up service, a revolutionary and proven solution that tackles patient identification errors, duplicate records, and ensures data accuracy within the Master Patient Index (MPI). Our unique combination of MPI matching technology, automated intelligence, and proprietary processes ensures a duplication rate of just 1% or less. We are so confident in our capabilities that we offer a performance guarantee – no other vendor can match that! Our skilled data scientists act as data stewards, providing essential services to maintain data integrity within the Master Patient Index (MPI).

What makes the 4medica MPI cleanup service different?

Real-time Analytics

Powered by advanced automated intelligence and real-time analytics, our embedded rules engine automates critical and high-volume decisions, greatly enhancing the accuracy of the matching sequence. This advanced technology ensures that your Master Patient Index is continuously updated with the most reliable patient information from a continuously updated reference database.

Expert Data Scientists

A team of trained data scientists, working as data stewards, dedicates their expertise to clean and maintain your MPI data hygiene, ensuring a 1% duplicate rate or less. With their deep understanding of patient information and MPIs, they identify and rectify discrepancies effectively.

Service-based Platform

Our scalable service-based data clean-up program ensures ongoing data hygiene, maintaining the 1% duplication rate consistently. You can trust us to keep your Enterprise Master Patient Index (MPI) accurate and up-to-date at all times, reducing the risk of two patient records being created for the same individual.

Why are MPI clean-ups crucial?

MPI clean-ups are crucial because they address the challenges of managing large volumes of patient records within a healthcare organization. Over time, duplicate or inconsistent records can accumulate, leading to data errors and compromised data quality. These duplicate records can cause confusion, incorrect patient matching, and fragmented information, all of which negatively impact patient care and decision-making.


MPI clean-ups by 4medica help identify and resolve duplicate medical records or inconsistent records, ensuring data accuracy and integrity. Clean MPIs enable accurate patient matching, reducing the risk of medical errors, enhancing clinical decision support systems, and improving the overall quality of care.


Furthermore, MPI clean-ups contribute to data governance and compliance efforts. Healthcare organizations must adhere to various regulatory requirements and privacy standards when managing patient data. A thorough clean-up process helps identify and mitigate potential data breaches, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations such as HIPAA.


Invest in 4medica MPI Clean-up service today and guarantee a 1% duplication rate, safeguard patient records, and eliminate data errors from your health system!

Why is clean patient data within MPIs important?

Clean data within Master Patient Indexes (MPIs) is crucial for several reasons:

Patient Safety

Accurate and reliable data is vital for patient safety. Patient records identification errors or duplicate medical records can lead to serious medical errors, compromising patient outcomes. Clean data within MPIs minimizes the potential for errors and ensures better decision-making, reducing the occurrence of patient misidentification in healthcare facilities.

Billing and Order Efficiency

Clean data within MPIs is essential for efficient healthcare operations. Inaccurate information can result in billing errors and inefficient order management, leading to financial losses and delays in providing timely care. Maintaining clean data streamlines administrative processes, improves revenue cycles, and enhances overall operational efficiency for health systems.

Care Coordination and Continuity

Clean data within MPIs supports effective care coordination and continuity. With accurate patient matching and record linkage, healthcare providers can ensure the right information is accessible to the right professionals at the right time, facilitating seamless transitions of care.