Labs & Imaging Centers

Low quality data = low revenue

Patient duplication and data-related errors can turn care coordination into a guessing game.

An opportunity for significant improvement

The lab and imaging market remains behind other healthcare sectors in recognizing the potential impact of quality health data on patient outcomes, operational process, and medical research. This is a huge missed opportunity.

A New Revenue Stream:

Poor data quality has always prevented smaller labs and imaging centers from monetizing their valuable dataset. However, by merging duplicates and resolving overlays, 4medica’s MPI platform allows smaller labs and imaging centers to finally compete with larger systems by turning their muddy data into gold.

Optimized Outcomes:

For labs and imaging centers of all sizes, the benefits of an MPI extend beyond the clinical realm to the bottom line. 4medica’s complete MPI platform helps rapidly establish a clean data set that will drastically improve their collections and operational processes while also building a better relationship with patients.

4medica helps improve health data quality once and for all.

The 4medica Data Quality Platform

Utilizing the industry’s most technologically advanced MPI process, 4medica has revolutionized how Labs & Imaging Centers can analyze and implement big data. Our 4-layer approach simplifies implementation and guarantees dramatic success of <1% patient duplication.

Our products and services

How is bad data quality impacting your organization? We can help you find out.