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Flawed data: a compounding problem in patient care

As care moves further out into the community, hospitals and health systems must evolve their approach to clinical data management and reinvent capabilities to win loyalty with providers and patients.
A proven path for expansion is to become known for reliability, accuracy, affordability, and patient safety—and that depends on access to key systems, data integrity, and transparency to drive better patient outcomes. But without proper record identification and valid population data, what’s at stake?
  • Patient lives and well-being
  • Litigation costs of settlements for errors
  • Compounding remediation costs of incorrectly merged patient identities
  • Increased identity duplication issues resulting from mergers and acquisitions

The impact of poor data quality is complex and wide-ranging.

The right data for the right patient at the right time

For hospitals and integrated delivery networks (IDNs), clinical data management services are essential to the financial success of hospitals and health systems, and are the cornerstone of effective patient care management and billing. Simply put, it helps them lead healthier communities.


Both population health and individual patient management can be greatly enhanced by using available technology when a quality dataset is readily available.


Hospitals turn to 4medica to achieve seamless patient care and communication. Creating a true clinical interoperability network is the cornerstone of 4medica’s “one patient, one record” vision.

4medica helps improve health data quality once and for all.

The 4medica Data Quality Platform

Utilizing the industry’s most technologically advanced MPI process, 4medica has revolutionized how hospitals and IDNs can analyze and implement big data. Our 4-layer approach simplifies implementation and guarantees dramatic success of <1% patient duplication.

Also included throughout our process is a data quality consulting service to help validate the reasons for incoming data errors that plague hospitals and IDNs.
4medica’s HDQ Consulting will help you achieve this success by working with you and your data partners to bring on the best quality data possible. Our unique approach provides a customized approach to your data quality needs. We are more than just a software vendor; we are your HDQ partner and want to pursue this journey with you. 4medica has a proven track record of success all while taking a personalized approach.

Our products and services

How is bad data quality impacting your organization? We can help you find out.