Health Plans & ACOs

Poor data feeds poor decision-making

Low-quality data, such as duplicate records, missing patient names, or obsolete information is creating multiple barriers to care delivery and collections, while creating inefficiencies across the health care system.
More patient health data than ever is being captured today by medical equipment, digital devices, and apps. Beyond the point-of-care, a broadening lack of quality data is affecting health plans and accountable care organizations (ACOs) because they need data to make crucial and timely insurance and medical decisions.

Achieve more meaningful member engagement

Health plans and ACOs need robust health data management systems that take full advantage of big data opportunities with powerful analysis resources and seamless clinical interoperability.
4medica helps health plans and ACOs analyze and gather accurate patient data records in order to achieve zero duplications and fully-coordinated communication between payer and payees. The end result is a health care system that provides better care at a lower costs.

4medica helps improve health data quality once and for all.

The 4medica Data Quality Platform

Utilizing the industry’s most technologically advanced MPI process, 4medica has revolutionized how health plans and ACOs can analyze and implement big data. Our 4-layer approach simplifies implementation and guarantees dramatic success of <1% patient duplication.

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How is bad data quality impacting your organization? We can help you find out.