4medica Master Patient Index as-a-Service™

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Patient Identification and Matching Solved… Guaranteed!

Despite the use of legacy EMPI software, a high percent of healthcare organizations still struggle with double digit duplication rates. Patient identification and matching technology has been used in health care for decades, but as data sharing and real-time interoperability requirements have become more complex, it is unrealistic to think a standalone MPI, or referential matching service, will solve the “root cause” of duplicated identities.


Any organization must fully understand the quality of their data and incorporate strategic processes around the technology that is used. Before any MPI software is implemented, an in-depth analysis of overall data hygiene is required to isolate issues at every level. Only then can an organization truly outline a master data management roadmap and decide if any technology or software changes are even warranted.


4medica’s data management experts have developed the only proven process that will outline a complete master data management solution and guarantee to reduce duplication rates to 1% or less!

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“We are excited to partner with 4medica to lower our duplication issues immediately and deliver a complete picture of a patient’s medical history for better care and pandemic response purposes ─ regardless of the provider’s location.”
Hans Kastensmith
Executive Director, Idaho Health Data Exchange

4medica MPI as-a-Service™

Let 4medica assess your data hygiene, cleanse your data to 1% duplicate rate or less, and act as your dedicated Data Stewards maintaining clean data – guaranteed.

  • Proprietary process that carefully profiles patient demographics and analyze data quality issues that cannot be identified with MPI technology or referential matching services alone
  • Real-time, transactional, virtual service leveraging a proven combination of technology, people and processes to achieve a single digit duplication rate
  • Scalable cloud-based architecture supporting the multi-patented 4medica Big Data MPI™ technology
  • A team of data scientists trained as data stewards work on your behalf to clean and maintain your master patient index data elements hygiene to a 1% duplicate rate or less

Why 4medica Master Patient Index as-a-Service is Different


Our program leverages 4medica’s highly trained data scientists and the use of proprietary data management processes, that in combination solves the problem and helps reduce new duplicates from being created and entered into clinical data management silos.

Improve Data Accuracy

4medica uses advancements in automated intelligence and analytics with an embedded rules engine that automates both critical and high-volume decisions to better define and improve the accuracy of the matching sequence.

1% or Less Guarantee

No other vendor offers a performance guarantee! The unique combination of the outcomes-based power of the automated intelligence in the 4medica Big Data MPI™ and data stewardship services ensures your duplication rate is at or below 1% and stays there. 100% Guaranteed.