Why 4medica?
Designed for Physicians
4medica’s clinical data exchange system was developed with physician feedback. As a result, the solution’s intuitive interface reflects the typical physician workflow, eliminating the stress and initial loss of productivity typically seen with traditional electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

Ambulatory Solutions
Designed by physicians for physicians, the browser-based 4medica CPOE solution mirrors clinical workflow for enhanced adoption and productivity. Used in combination with 4medica's Mobile application, physicians will now have 24x7 access to a unified view of patient information to support improved clinical decision-making and patient outcomes.

Web-based Benefits
Thanks to its cloud-based technology, physicians can securely access and exchange patient information from any Internet-enabled device, night or day. And clinical data exchange can be achieved within as little as 4-16 weeks - all with minimal upfront costs and budget-friendly, predictable monthly fees.