Clinical Interoperability

Painless Clinical Interoperability

The industry has buzzed around the idea of patient-centric, seamless clinical interoperability for long enough. The reality is that the time for talking is past, and strong solutions for interoperability are available.
Painless, even.
4medica leads the market using innovative technology and automation to create one consolidated patient record from multiple, disparate sources.
We ensure a lack of clinical interoperability doesn’t get in the way of care coordination and billing, so our clients can focus on quality and cost of care.
By directly interfacing with the EMR, LIS, or RIS – we simplify connectivity. The modular design of the cloud-based clinical data exchange platform minimizes upfront costs with zero special hardware or client-server software, and implementation takes weeks instead of months.

Seamless 360° Patient Data

Although their challenges and needs may differ, physicians, labs & imaging centersHIEs & HINshospitals, and health plans can all agree on one thing: they need to see the entire patient picture to successfully provide care, efficiently bill for that care, and compete in today’s pay-for-performance market.
It’s no longer optional.
As experts in clinical interoperability, our cloud-based clinical data management software allows a 360-degree, holistic view of patients, no matter where they receive care. From provider to payer, we help clients connect and clean their data into a single, accurate record.
They experience fewer duplication of patient records – especially those leveraging our ≤1% guarantee – identify patterns and trends critical to managing population health, and significantly improve efficiency and accuracy of their billing processes.
In the matter of a few weeks, the complete view of a patient’s health and related care is available from a single record.
That’s 4medica.
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