Perfecting the Laboratory Billing Process

Potential bad data or missing information from disparate systems ends up affecting the laboratory billing process before you even receive a lab order. Have you considered the consequences of misidentification errors resulting from data integrity issues?


Labs deal with multiple applications, multiple vendors and different middleware solutions that complicate their ability to normalize and standardize data, and make it nearly impossible to recover lost revenues. Current patient matching strategies in the lab may be unreliable or ineffective, further complicating the problem.


When the data is cleansed and validated earlier in the process, labs will experience fewer issues downstream. Using rules-based orders management and paper-to-digital conversion, the 4medica Perfect Order for Perfect Payment™ turns imperfectly submitted orders into clean, compliant orders at record time and scale.


The solution also increases payment collections with revenue cycle management services such as pre-authorizations, eligibility verification, billing and collections, and denials management.


It all starts with the perfect order, so watch our brief video to learn more about this laboratory billing solution.

Laboratory Billing Process Features Include

Accurate Patient Matching

Unlike conventional order/result platforms, the 4medica laboratory billing solution uses the Big Data MPI™ to automatically identify and merge duplicate patient records.

100% Electronic Orders

Using Provider Portals, EMR Interfacing and 4medica’s Paper-to-Digital service, 4medica’s Orders Management platform converts all orders to electronic orders.

Pre-Authorization Verification

Enhance the laboratory billing process by checking pre-authorization requirements on every req and automatically submit for pre-authorization when necessary.

Patient Eligibility Confirmation

Automated revenue cycle management tools interface with payers to determine whether a patient is eligible for a test or other lab service, directly from the system processing the order.

Scrubbed and Corrected Orders

Automated technology “scrubs” orders from ordering practices and significantly improves revenue by assuring accurate, clinically complete orders upfront .

Patient Payment Processing

Increase probability of getting paid by initiating discussions of payment options with patients — before tests are even performed.