HNL Lab Medicine 4medica Customer

This article was featured in Toggle Magazine. 

Located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, HNL Lab Medicine is one of the country’s leading full-service medical laboratories, providing testing and related diagnostic services to physicians, hospitals, long-term care facilities, employers and industrial accounts through its 60 regional patient centers.

When Harvey Guindi joined HNL as its new CIO in 2013, that legacy was a big reason why. But while the company’s reputation was unquestionable, its IT operations—vast, deep and wildly complex—needed an overhaul.

“When I saw the high complexity involved in providing laboratory results, I knew we needed to build a nimble organization,” Guindi recalls. “It was critical to constantly innovate our infrastructure, build a secure service and a variety of capabilities that supports different stakeholders. From the front lines to the executives, you need to understand what’s going on—and find opportunities for innovation. It takes effort, and it takes time.”

Over the next seven years, Guindi and his team created an entirely new IT paradigm within the company—one that put process efficiency squarely at the fore.

Little did he know just how crucial that foundation would become.