COVID-19 Alerts and Reporting

Identify at-risk patients to support treatment and prevention efforts

4medica®, in collaboration with KPI Ninja, is offering a comprehensive lab analytics solution to support rapid treatment, prevention and spread of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. The COVID-19 Alerts and Reporting Solution™ helps healthcare organizations and medical professionals identify and prioritize patients at higher risk of contracting severe forms of the respiratory disease. 

Users gain access to real-time lab data and risk stratification analysis from the integration of the 4medica Lab Hub™ and KPI Ninja’s Ninja Universe. 

4medica receives, normalizes and matches real-time lab data feeds to the right patient identity from public health laboratories and commercial laboratories such as Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp and BioReference Laboratories. The validated data is then submitted to the Ninja Universe population health platform where data and insights are shared with front-line providers, reporting agencies and patients!

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The COVID-19 Alerts and Reporting Solution™


This collaborative solution helps healthcare organizations and medical professionals to analyze the risk, prevalence and characteristics of COVID-19 cases. Solution capabilities include:


  • Bed Management 
  • ADT, Laboratory Dashboard & Reports
  • ADT & Laboratory Notifications
  • Predictive and Risk Analytics
  • Exploring medical equipment, PPE & anti-malarial medication utilization
  • Patient Health Record (PHR) Portal 
The COVID-19 Alerts and Reporting Solution

Population Health Management


  • NCQA eCQM, Measure Certification for HEDIS Health Plan 2020, PCMH and PCSP Prevalidation
  • Predictive analytics and built-in Johns Hopkins ACG® System

Improve Data Quality


  • Assess and improve data quality in a simple four step process – Profiling, Quality Assessment, Cleansing and Enrichment

Value-based Program Alignment


  • MIPS, MSSP, CPC+, PCMH, Medicaid, HEDIS, Bundled payment programs, etc.
  • Built-in integrations with CMS APIs for MIPS and CPC+ submissions – QCDR and Qualified Registry

Agnostic Data Integration


  • HIE, PDMP, Claims, QRDA I & III, CCDs, APIs, FHIR, etc.
  • 64+ Built-in connectors (40+EMRs)

The COVID-19 Lab Alerts and Reporting Solution™ augments our HIE to report accurate, knowledge-based data that informs life-saving decisions and community emergency prevention efforts at a time of unprecedented need.

Jamie Bland

CEO, Nebraska Heath Information Initiative (NEHII)

The Nebraska Health Information Initiative (NEHII) is the first healthcare entity using the solution to immediately analyze the risk, prevalence and characteristics of COVID-19 cases and perform risk stratification analysis of other social resources and factors impacted by the virus across the state of Nebraska.

Patient Health Record (PHR)

  • Provides patients with electronic access to their medical history  
  • Gives patients one place to store all family members’ health records
  • Allows patients to scan additional records and upload supplemental documentation
  • Value-added tools encourage frequent use and engagement

Data Flow