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Sep 18, 2020

When Getting Back to Work, Put People First

COVID-19 has had far reaching effects that have impacted our lives to varying degrees, whether it be reduced work hours, salary and benefit reductions, children displaced due to school closures, sick family members and loss of life. Additionally, the economic toll from the pandemic is tremendous. Almost every industry has felt the impact in nearly every state. With unemployment dropping to nearly 10 percent at the time of writing this blog, employees know they must (and want to) return to work. But there is fear and anxiety about their own health and safety as well as the safety of others, principally family members at home.

While essential workers in multiple industries continued to work during the coronavirus outbreak, a survey conducted by McKinsey & Company states that executives at top U.S. companies expect 88 percent of their workforces, on average, to be back on-site by December 2020.

At the frontlines of employers’ response, Human Resources professionals are charged with implementing thoughtful back to work policies while mitigating risk, reducing liability and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their staff. These leaders have an opportunity to respond for the betterment of their employees and we hope that 4medica can help.

We are excited to announce the launch of the 4medica COVID-19 Employee Wellness Management™ suite of COVID-19 apps to help maintain a safe and secure workplace.

The solution helps companies transition employees back to work safely with regular wellness screenings, temperature readings and integrated lab testing results. Plus, employers can leverage 4medica’s established partnerships with hospital-based and national commercial laboratories to redirect testing volume based on capabilities and capacity when lab testing is a necessary requirement.

The 4health Mobile App incorporates a wellness questionnaire, temperature readings, online screenings and instant lab test results through connectivity to 4medica’s diagnostic labs network. These functions work together to calculate a COVID-19 health risk score to validate a person’s health status daily or frequently as pre-determined by the employer.

Built on the Google Cloud Platform which is HITRUST certified and HIPAA compliant, the 4employer Desktop App helps employers manage the flow of data and communications by securing and automating processes that have traditionally been handled through spreadsheets or even pen and paper. HR professionals can effectively manage legal exposure when workers are categorized at risk or positive.

The solution serves as a regular checkpoint for both employers and employees to privately interact on past and current COVID-19 test results and general health status to support ongoing prevention. Your investment in 4medica demonstrates that your company is staying true to your corporate social responsibility by upholding the values and the community that you serve. Our program protects consumer trust, instills investor confidence and promotes workforce health and loyalty.

Take the first step now through December 31 with 30-day complimentary use of the covid wellness app to validate your commitment to safeguarding employees from exposure to COVID-19 and easing their anxiety.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we have an opportunity to work together to build a better place to work. Let us help you also make it a safer one.