Don’t let poor health data management lead to poor patient care

Duplicate patient records. Mistreated patients. Crippling costs. At 4medica, we help you turn health data mishaps into reliable data quality, so you can operate at the highest efficiency and provide more meaningful care to those who need it most.

Headquarters for Health Data Quality

We provide a data quality platform that drastically improves the health of your data and makes “one patient, one record” a reality. Think of us as HQ for Health Data Quality (HDQ).


What is health data quality? It’s how, where, and when health data evolves over time, and whether or not it’s useful. Quality data is crucial to our entire healthcare system – especially as it rapidly becomes digitized, recorded, and stored electronically. By making data more sophisticated and useful, you can discover better care coordination, greater clinical insights, and a healthier population.

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4medica Health Data Quality Solutions

Improve Data Accuracy

4medica uses technology advancements in automated intelligence and real-time data analytics with an embedded rules engine that automates both critical and high-volume decisions to better define and improve the accuracy of the matching process.

1% Duplication Rate or Less Guarantee

No other vendor offers a performance guarantee! The unique combination of the outcomes-based power of the automated intelligence in the 4medica MPI and data management services ensure your duplication rate is at or below 1% and stays there. 100% Guaranteed.

Uniquely Scalable

Built to process unlimited patient identities and transactions, the 4medica MPI is ideal for HIEs, large hospital systems, and community and nationwide interoperability initiatives. Yet its scalable pricing model makes it affordable for small organizations as well.

Comprehensive Referential Database

4medica does more than just a simple “Yes/No” match process. It accurately verifies and resolves potential duplicates against a robust database of demographic data. It compares all demographic attributes to a comprehensive dataset of more than a thousand reliable data sources, while continuously updating s its own Person Look-up database of identities to ensure the highest rate of matching accuracy is achieved.

Unprecedented Accuracy

Powered with our Referential Person Look-up database, our patient matching technology examines data as far back as college addresses and decades old records to make sure the right patient is matched to the right record. Fact: No other vendor goes back as far as we do with the highest rate of matching accuracy.

Inverse Index Technology

We take referential data matching to the next level by incorporating Inverse Index technology pioneered by search engines and layers on modern non-SQL databases to further enhance simplifying the process. Eliminate your duplicate records in milliseconds at a fraction of the cost.

In-Depth Analysis

Before any MPI software is implemented, an in-depth analysis of overall data hygiene is required to isolate issues at every level. Only then can an organization truly outline a master data management roadmap and decide if any technology or software changes are even warranted.

Proprietary Process

Years of experience has helped us create a process that carefully profiles patient demographics and analyze data quality issues that cannot be identified with MPI technology or referential matching services alone.

Real-Time MPI & Data Management Processing

Real-time, transactional, virtual service leveraging a proven combination of technology, people and processes to achieve a single digit duplication rate. A team of data scientists trained as data stewards work on your behalf to clean-up identities in your MPI database to a 1% duplicate rate or less.

Complete Patient Records

Make your patient data more useful by connecting with multiple third-party sources to provide richer, more detailed information using current referential information coupled with historic demographic and geographic data that goes back decades.

Comprehensive Person Look-up Database

4medica data enrichment is powered by our sophisticated Person Look-up database of commercially aggregated demographic data. We use our sophisticated person look-up database as one of the important steps during the 4-layer data management process to enrich demographic data ranging from basic contact information like missing phone numbers, email addresses, phone and cell numbers, and mailing addresses to each correctly matched person.

Actionable Data for Better Health Care

4medica data enrichment helps organizations leverage actionable data to improve patient engagement, drive better health outcomes and lower health delivery costs.

Seamless 360° Patient Data

As experts in clinical interoperability, our cloud-based clinical data management software allows a 360-degree, holistic view of patients, no matter where they receive care. From provider to payer, we help clients connect and clean their data into a single, accurate record.


By directly interfacing with the EMR, LIS, or RIS – we simplify connectivity. The modular design of the cloud-based clinical data exchange platform minimizes upfront costs with zero special hardware or client-server software, and implementation takes weeks instead of months.

EMR, EHR, LIS & RIS Integration

We build systems architecture with interoperability in mind. Connect seamlessly, quickly and affordably to key systems you need to access for real-time orders and results management using HL7 FHIR and a modern web-based suite of API technology. Engineered to correspond to any workflow or interface, get immediate access to the information you need to support your patient population no matter how big or small.

Who We Help

Health Information Exchanges & Health Information Networks

Allow advanced technology and innovative processes to analyze and implement big data across HIEs and HINs.

Labs & Imaging Centers

Avoid the almost 20% loss in patient collections. Launch the top healthcare data management solutions to increase effective care coordination and monetize lab/imaging datasets.

Hospitals & Integrated Delivery Networks

Increase patient safety, accuracy, and affordability with an effective clinical interoperability network, ensuring financial success and healthier communities.

Health Plans & Accountable Care Organizations

Integrate medical equipment, digital devices, and apps with a robust health data management system. Gather accurate data for powerful analytics.

The Issues

Without effective healthcare interoperability systems and comprehensive data management, health institutions are left with flawed data and an unending set of problems.

Risk Patient Safety

Without proper health data management, healthcare organizations risk mistreating patients whose clinical data is filed under another name or simply misplaced.

High Operational Costs

The costs of running poor data management processes are astronomical as ineffective systems struggle to keep up with massive medical data records.

Reputational Damage

Health care providers and institutions rely on a positive image for patient compliance and financial security. Lost data and poor patient processes risk everything.

Increase Litigation Risk

Any amount of errors can result in high litigation costs from settlements. Haphazardly collecting patient data will lead public health organizations to unnecessary legal fees.

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“Now providers have access to health records regardless of where the patient receives care. It brings a full spectrum picture to patient care and enables us to look at whole-person care ─ the right care, at the right time, in the right place."
Prudence Vincent, BSN, R.N.
Director of IHDE Customer Operations and Engagement

See how 4medica and the Idaho Health Data Exchange (IHDE) used patient-matching to improve access and create a stakeholder-oriented ecosystem.

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