IHDE, in partnership with 4medica, Aunt Bertha, and KPI Ninja, is standing up a statewide “Super Stack” to support improved population health and value-based care.

To address future needs beyond routine information exchange, IHDE is implementing capabilities to advance data sharing and data use, including the integration of social determinants and analytics platforms tied to a common FHIR-based data lake, with an enterprise approach to identity management to assure consistent and reliable data across all functions. Collectively, these solutions offer advanced data services and enhanced access to actionable information statewide, including for smaller practices, rural providers, and community-based organizations that lack these capabilities.

This panel will address the opportunities, challenges, and strategies needed to apply a “whole person” approach so that multi-modal data can be used by providers, payers, and other stakeholders to guide more complete well-coordinated services, innovative population health initiatives, and to support local and statewide learning networks for ongoing improvement.