Clinical Integration Suite of Solutions
In 21st century healthcare, it's vital that physicians have real-time access to aggregated patient information across the continuum of care. Yet many healthcare organizations face challenges in achieving clinical integration with existing electronic health record (EHR), practice management and other health connectivity systems within and outside their healthcare networks.

Clinical Data Interoperability
To address the growing demand for clinical data interoperability, 4medica developed its cloud-based health information exchange platform. Its modular infrastructure allows physicians, hospitals, health systems and other care delivery organizations to implement the clinical data exchange platform in its entirety or as individual applications, including Lab4, Imaging4 and Path4.

ClinXdata: Clinical Data Exchange
4medica's clinical data exchange solution, ClinXdata, provides physicians with a unified view of patient data across the spectrum of care. The comprehensive clinical data exchange system integrates patient information from clinical information systems including lab, radiology, PACS and pharmacy systems.

With 24x7 online access to patient-centric records, clinicians have the vital patient data, medical alerts and decision-support tools to achieve the goal of meaningful use: improving patient outcomes while reducing costs. Clinicians also benefit from 4medica's longitudinal patient history, a basic building block for evidence-based care, chronic disease management and population health.


Lab4 : Lab Outreach
For years, clinicians have struggled to access patient information from both inpatient and outpatient settings across multiple lab locations. With 4medica's lab connectivity solution, Lab4, physicians can quickly and easily place lab orders and receive lab results online, reducing the potential for costly duplicate tests. Lab4's intuitive interface, designed in collaboration with physicians, also enhances clinical productivity with streamlined lab order workflows between physician offices, patient service centers, outpatient clinics, nursing homes, home health and more.

4medica's advanced lab connectivity functionalities further contribute to collaborative care with EHR bidirectional interfaces, longitudinal lab data with automatic trending of selected values, and reference lab integration.

Imaging4 : Clinical Integration for Radiology
4medica's Imaging4 application provides a single view of aggregated radiology imaging data via an intuitive online interface, allowing clinicians to place orders, receive reports and view PACS images from 4medica's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) imaging solution.

When integrated with 4medica's Lab4 application, Imaging4 enables clinicians to view radiology data from various labs and radiology centers - for both inpatient and outpatient - on the same screen, streamlining staff workflows and driving cost efficiencies.

Path4 : Clinical Efficiency for Pathology
Clinicians can easily access Path4's web-based solution to quickly order and view pathology results. The intuitive online interface offers clinicians 'drag-and-drop' technology to easily identify biopsy locations on organ images, complete with automatically generated labels with location descriptions. The image with biopsy locations is then securely transferred with the requisition to the pathology lab and is available for reference by the physician with the result, supporting decision-making at the point of care.