Lab Outreach: Clinical Integration

Labs exchange patient information with many healthcare organizations including hospitals and health systems, physician offices, health information exchanges (HIEs), accountable care organizations (ACOS), and other care delivery organizations. To interoperate with the wide variety of existing health connectivity technologies at each facility, industry-leading labs deploy 4medica's lab outreach solution, Lab4.

Lab Connectivity Enhances Care

Physicians, hospitals and health systems use Lab4 to access a patient-centric view of lab data across inpatient and outpatient settings from multiple lab locations, improving clinical decision-making while reducing the potential for costly duplicate tests. The intuitive lab interface enables physicians to quickly and easily place lab orders and receive lab results, improving lab ordering workflow between physician offices, patient service centers, outpatient clinics, nursing homes, home health and more.

Further driving collaborative care, hospitals and health systems can leverage 4medica's reference lab integration to establish a core lab as a primary reference lab within the healthcare network while working with a reference lab for specialized tests.

Lab Integration Supports Meaningful Use
Contributing to meaningful use, the lab outreach solution provides bi-directional interfaces to existing electronic health record (EHR) systems. The lab connectivity solution also provides a longitudinal view of a patient's lab data with automatic trending of selected values, which is critical for chronic disease management and evidence-based medicine.

Advanced Lab Integration Functionality

Lab4 offers valuable functionality such as ABN checking, ADT integration with practice management systems, interoperability with billing applications and connectivity to hospital information systems for medical record number (MRN) generation.

Other key lab outreach functionalities include:

• ABN checking and generation in English or Spanish with costs
• Duplicate test checking
• Standing orders: Ability to place future orders at various frequencies
• Patient service center (draw station) functionality
• Home health functionality
• Renal order management for dialysis centers
• Label generation from alphanumeric to barcode container ID labels
• AOE (Ask at Order Entry) questionnaires
• AOE generator that links any test with AOE questions
• Universal requisitions when patient's insurance is not accepted by the lab
• Automated alerting in case of STAT or critical values