Built upon 4medica's interoperable CCHIT Certified® Complete iEHR platform, Inpatient4 aggregates patient information across inpatient and ambulatory technologies, as well as between geographically disparate medical facilities.

Providing a complete view of longitudinal patient data, Inpatient4 improves patient outcomes for hospital systems, health information exchanges (HIEs), Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs), accountable care organizations (ACOs) or other care delivery organizations.

Patient-Centric Health Data Integration

The intuitive Inpatient4 solution can be easily accessed 24x7 via any web browser, allowing physicians to access census-based inpatient charts at the point of care, during hospital rounds or while mobile. Designed in collaboration with physicians, 4medica's clinical data exchange solution mirrors clinical workflow, eliminating workflow disruptions that reduce productivity while enhancing clinical decision-making.

Additionally, Inpatient4’s real-time access to aggregated patient data drives rapid clinician adoption, quickly delivering on the promised return on investment – a rarity in the healthcare industry.

Existing EHR Interoperability: Meaningful Use

Leveraging the cloud-based SaaS iEHR foundation, Inpatient4 enables hospitals to integrate with existing EHR, labradiology, pharmaceutical and dictation systems to supply enhanced health connectivity both within and outside hospital walls.

Healthcare organizations may also deploy additional 4medica clinical data exchange applications including Lab4, Imaging4, Path4, and Meds4 to ensure complete health connectivity for their organizations.

By implementing any or all 4medica’s modular health data integration solutions, affiliated and employed physicians benefit from the seamless exchange of patient information, providing the building blocks of collaborative care - the vision behind meaningful use legislation.

If healthcare organizations haven’t yet deployed a certifed EHR, they can implement 4medica’s CCHIT Certified® Complete iEHR platform, which supplies integrated EHR and health information exchange for medical facilities of any size. With a browser-based interface, the iEHR delivers real-time access to unified ambulatory and inpatient data across the continuum of care.

Cost-Effective, Rapid Clinical Data Interoperability
As is true for any 4medical clinical data exchange solution, Inpatient4 can be deployed in weeks instead of months. With no need for special hardware or client-server software, inpatient or ambulatory facilities can implement 4medica clinical integration solutions with minimal upfront and ongoing costs, eliminating one of the major obstacles to establishing health information exchange.