Clinical Integration for Connected Care

4medica's radiology solution, Imaging4, delivers aggregated patient information to clinicians via its web-based interface, streamlining workflows while improving care delivery. For example, clinicians can view patients' ADT information via the same easy-to-use interface from which they place radiology exam orders, receive radiology reports and view PACS images – all online, 24x7.

When integrated with 4medica's lab outreach solution, Labs4, Imaging4 enables clinicians toalso review reports from labs and radiology centers – both inpatient and outpatient -- using the same intuitive interface, further driving connected care.

Advanced Radiology Data Integration

4medica's radiology solution connects clinicians with the vital patient information needed to support optimal clinical decision-making and workflow efficiencies. Imaging4's next generation technology includes the ability to:

• Create “frequently ordered exam” lists
• Order radiology exams
• Check for ABN
• Generate ABN in English or Spanish
• Print paper orders or electronically transfer imaging orders
• Update scheduling information in Order Log
• Print requisition with scheduling information, location of imaging center and
   any pre- exam patient instructions
• View and print radiology reports
• Integrate with radiology information systems (RIS) and PACS
• Integrate with electronic health records (EHRs)

Clinical Data Interoperability

Radiology and imaging centers need to seamlessly exchange patient information with physicians, hospitals and care delivery organizations – each of which have disparate healthcare technologies. With this in mind, 4medica designed all of its clinical data exchange solutions – including Imaging4 - to be fully interoperable with existing electronic health record (EHR) systems, practice management software, laboratory information systems and other key health information systems.

For healthcare organizations with existing EHR connectivity, Imaging4 supplies the radiology data integration to the overall health information exchange. For those facilities without health connectivity, Imaging4 can be deployed as part of 4medica's comprehensive health information exchange platform, iEHR.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Real-time access to aggregated patient records is vital to delivering high quality care. So when unexpected server downtime and data loss occurs, healthcare delivery can be delayed or, worst case, come to a complete standstill.

Understanding the critical nature of 24x7 data availability, 4medica chose a cloud-based architecture for its clinical integration solutions. The SaaS health information exchange model has proven superior for fast and reliable disaster recovery with its geographically disparate data centers and built-in redundancies.

With an eye towards future growth, 4medica's SaaS model also ensures unlimited scalability and performance as healthcare organizations expand their connected care networks.