Critical Clinical Data Integration

From individual physicians to hospitals, imaging centers and care delivery organizations, health care IT systems need to integrate patient information across disparate provider locations and technologies. Driven by the need to achieve improved care at lower costs - the end game of meaningful use requirements - organizations are often stymied by the non-interoperability of existing health information exchange technologies.

Some facilities deploy comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) systems and custom EHR interfaces in hopes to achieve complete clinical data integration. Others continue using paper-based clinical data exchange, increasing the risk of errors and wasting limited staff resources.

Now there is a better option.

Interoperable Health Information Exchange

The 4medica clinical data exchange platform resolves the interoperability dilemma by providing health information exchange at the exact level needed for a given healthcare facility. The modular design allows organizations to implement 4medica’s clinical data integration platform in its entirety, or as individual applications for lab, and radiology in outreach, outpatient or inpatient settings.

For organizations with an existing electronic health record, the 4medica clinical data exchange platform builds upon the existing health connectivity technology to further expand clinical data integration. For those without EHR connectivity, 4medica's clinical data exchange solution supplies authorized clinician access to both inpatient and outpatient information for improved clinical decision-making, patient safety and collaborative care.

Cost-effective Clinical Data Exchange

Leveraging a cloud-based model, 4medica's clinical data exchange platform can be deployed in weeks instead of months. Requiring zero special hardware or client-server software, the 4medica solution can be deployed with minimal upfront costs, removing a significant barrier to health information exchange.

The natively designed cloud-based 4medica solution architecture also offers healthcare organizations peace of mind with guaranteed performance, scalability and disaster recovery.