Solutions For…
Physician Decision-Making
The 4medica solution enables physicians to seamlessly exchange clinical information with hospital labs, imaging centers, and other health systems' legacy EHR and practice management systems, as well as provide basic health connectivity for those clinics using paper-based files.

Hospital & Health Systems Clinical Integration
The 4medica solution enables hospitals and health systems to cost-effectively exchange clinical information with referring physicians, external specialty clinics, ACOs and HIEs without requiring expensive hardware or time-consuming client-software installations.

Lab & Radiology Clinical Integration
Labs and radiology imaging centers employ the 4medica solution to improve clinical decision-making, patient safety and cost efficiencies for a wide range of healthcare organizations.

Care Delivery Organizations Scalable Health Connectivity
Care delivery organization surely upon the 4medica solution to deliver health connectivity, resulting in improved collaborative care, chronic disease management, patient referrals and clinician productivity.