Why 4medica?
Interoperable Health Information Exchange
4medica's flagship health information exchange platform, iEHR, integrates patient information across disparate provider locations and technologies, resulting in enhanced clinical decision-making, patient safety and collaborative care. Regardless of an organization's existing technologies – or lack thereof –iEHR provides the exact level of health connectivity needed to help ensure meaningful use.

Modular Architecture
iEHR's modular architecture enables providers to implement the clinical data exchange solution in its entirety or as individual applications for e-prescribing, inpatient, lab, radiology and pathology.

Cost-effective Clinical Data Exchange
Based upon the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, 4medica's clinical data exchange system requires zero special hardware or client-server software. Without costly upfront capital investments, healthcare organizations can quickly qualify for ARRA incentives.
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