Connecting Health IT
Care delivery organizations, including accountable care organizations (ACOs), health information exchanges (HIEs) and Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs), all face the tremendous challenge of exchanging patient information across disparate healthcare organizations and technologies. This clinical data exchange can become problematic when providers and external specialty clinics have non-interoperable electronic health records (EHRs) or they are lacking basic digital health connectivity.

Integrated Patient-Centric Data and Health Information Exchange Platform
4medica solves that problem with its unified patient-centric clinical data exchange platform for data exchange across inpatient and ambulatory care settings.

Exchanging Clinical Data Today
One of the biggest barriers to clinical data integration is the significant upfront cost of health information exchange systems and expensive custom interfaces to pharmacies, lab and radiology clinics. In addition, the resources required to plan, test and deploy the clinical data integration solution, as well as train administrative and clinical staff, delivers a hit to the bottom line that no organization needs in today's competitive healthcare environment.

Already have an Inpatient or Ambulatory EHR?
If healthcare facilities have already deployed a certified EHR, they can select from 4medica’s interoperable clinical data exchange applications for inpatient data integration, laboratory outreach, radiology clinics, and pathology specialists to ensure total connectivity within and between care delivery organizations.

4medica's clinical data exchange platform also enables care delivery organizations to interoperate with the NHIN gateway, providing the ultimate in care collaboration across the nation.