Letís be honest, medical billing isnít rocket science, but even a rocket scientist would find it difficult. Thatís because intelligence and education are not enough for success. Billing requires care. Not the kind of care that you deliver every day to patients. Weíre talking about Total Care for your practice: caring that your correct NPI number is on file with Medicare, caring about the eligibility of your patients, caring about the accuracy of their addresses and insurance, and caring about correct coding for your specialty. This kind of care takes dedicated, well trained billing experts who use rigorous processes and utilize smart, efficient systems. But most importantly, it takes a solid partnership with you.

Thatís right; youíre at the heart of the 4medica Total Care Billing solution. And 4medica wants to keep you in the driverís seat. By keeping you in control, 4medica can deliver on our promise of more accurate, faster, and more reliable billing than you can do on your own and at lower cost to you. So, we provide more than just a billing team. We also provide online communication tools and financial reporting so you and your staff can make quick decisions and our process remains completely transparent. Together, we can achieve top performance for your practice. Thatís 4medica Total Care Billing.

The 4medica® Total Care Billing Suite
  • Experienced Account Managers and assigned billing teams for practice service consistency
  • Eligibility Checking
  • Appointment Reminder Calling
  • Electronic Charge Upload
  • Charge accuracy audit and processing
  • EMR and Lab Connectivity
  • Payment processing and denial management
  • Online access to patient accounts
  • Patient billing and collection follow up
  • Patient phone support
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Electronic Claims remittance & Tracking
  • Robust online reporting
  • Collections Services
  • Collections receipt tracking

Helps your Team Achieve Performance Excellence

Total care billing helps you grow and protect the integrity and quality of your practice. Our continuous audit process ensures that every service you deliver is tracked, billed, and collected.

The 4medica PM enables you to check on eligibility right when you register the patient so you know if their insurance is good before they even visit the office. This can save you at least $500 or more in lost revenue a month.

4medica Total Care keeps you in the driver seat. Just as a GPS system helps you navigate a car, the 4medica PM gives you overview snapshots of progress and as needed allows you to quickly drill into more detail at the patient account and transaction level.

Front Desk Staff
The front desk staff continuously multi-task as they make appointments, check in patients, collect co-payments and much more. The 4medica Practice Management System (4medica PM) provides them quick access to patient account information so they can look up balances and record payments. They can check patient demographics and insurance information in seconds and send new information to the billing team right from their browser. 4medica PM helps front desk staff stay on top of patient demographic updates, co-payments, and end of day charge reporting.

Office Manager
Your office manager responds to individual patient issues and manages the smooth business flow of your practice. 4medica PM provides managers practice decision information right at their fingertips without knowing the whole billing system. 4medica PM provides transparent access to all patient accounts and transaction history. It can answer questions raised by you or your patients.

The integrated 4medica iEHR® and PM can be used to develop mailing list address labels, research who needs tests or other clinical services, and coordinate patient services.

Your accountant audits your total receipts and deposits to make sure all payments you receive are deposited in your practice account. Your accountant also tracks receipts for each individual service to make sure you are being fully paid under your payer contracts. 4medica Total Care Billing provides your accountant with access to patient-specific data, overall practice reports, so audits can be done more quickly and less expensively.

4medica Total Care Billing delivers big value to patients. Patients can call or e-mail the 4medica call center to get their billing questions answered 90% of the time on the first call. Timely, accurate statements help patients meet their obligations and pay for services on a timely basis.