Why 4medica?
Seamless Health Information Exchange
Critical to ensuring patient safety and quality care, as well as meeting meaningful use requirements 4medica's health information exchange platform allows healthcare professionals to access inpatient and outpatient information at the point of care.

Web-based Benefits
Thanks to its cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology, clinicians can securely access and exchange patient information from any internet-enabled device, night or day. With secure, 24x7 access to 4medica's patient-centric clinical integration platform, hospitals and health systems experience significant improvements in clinical decision-making, chronic disease management and clinician productivity.

Technology Agnostic
4medica's health data integration platform was natively designed for clinical data interoperability with all the leading systems encountered within different care settings. Additionally, clinical data exchange can be achieved within as little as 4-16 weeks – all with minimal upfront costs and budget-friendly, predictable monthly fees.
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